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Use the Zildjian Configurator then contact us for prices so low you won't beleive it

Use the Zildjian Configurator to help pick your cymbals.  Just select the cymbal series on the right column (please wait for cymbal choices to load) then select your drum setup then drag cymbals onto your kit.  Very cool and very easy.  Remove cymbals, preview sounds and get cymbal specs by using the menu box on the lower left.

Once you have your cymbal(s) picked out please contact for our best price and to place your order!   Use our quote form or drop us an email at Sales@TheDrumDealer.com.

Zildjian has recently improved the Zildjian Cymbal Configurator!



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Store Phone: 773-878-8616
Address: 4727 N. Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60625
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