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NKeystone x in Night Oak
Keystone X in Night Oak

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Keystonex drum kit  in Titanium
Keystone X kit in Titanium

The Ludwig Keystone USA drums are built to stock which means FASTER DELIVERY than other American made Ludwig Kits.  Atlas brackets are now standard.  Component drums are now available. Please call or email for available sizes.

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  Ludwig has over a century of drum-making and is considered a legacy of American craftsmanship, a tradition of excellence. With this heritage in mind Ludwig has introduced the USA Keystone Series Drums, a bold creation of Ludwig's Monroe, North Carolina design center.  The Ludwig Keystone series drums bridge the gap between innovation and history, Keystone drums add a sonic pallet to the Ludwig Sound with a modern shell designed for today's high-volume drummer.
Ludwig keystone x shell plywood The Ludwig Keystone Shell begins with a 3-ply Maple core used in Ludwig's Classic Maple drums, and is then augmented with 1/16" inner and outer plys of American Red Oak. Formed in Ludwig's original Radio- Frequency Shell Press, this strong yet thin dense 5 ply combination speaks loudly with quick, even decay providing excellent studio drums with fast decay and minimal ring.  To add to the uniqueness of hybrid, a dual 45-degree bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head.
The namesake of Ludwig's legendary icon, the Keystone Series Drums come standard with REMO®heads, and USA classic lugs, Triad floor tom brackets and 7 amazing colors, 5 wraps and white black.  Painted finises included painted interiors. . Available at an undeniable value price, Keystonex Series is made under the same strict quality and structural standards as all Ludwig USA drums, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.


Ludwig Keystone Component Sizes


Bass Drums    
Diameter Depth  
22" 16"  
24" 16"  

Floor Toms    
Diameter Depth  
14" 14"  
16" 16"  
18" 16"  
Diameter Depth  
8" 7"  
10" 7"  
12" 8"  
13" 9"  

Snare Drums    
Diameter Depth  
14" 6.5"  


keystone x orange glitter keystone x yellow glitter keystone x turquoise glitter keystone x titanium glitter
               Orange Glitter          Yellow Glitter       Turquoise Glitter              Titanium Glitter
keystone x arctic oak color sample keystone x night oak color ludwig keystone x red swirl color keystonex ludwig drum kits 
                 Arctic Oak                Night Oak                 Red Swirl  

The Ludwig Keystone X series Drums offer 7 stunning finishes including Orange Glitter, Yellow Glitter, Turquoise Glitter, Titanium Glitter, Arctic Oak, Night Oak and Red Swirl. The wraps are applied using Ludwig's exclusive WrapTite® process, tested in the most extreme conditions to withstand warping under high temperatures. The end result is a drum kit that produces solid, authoritative tone with articulate attack. A perfect balance between subtlety and high-volume cut is achieved for the live music drummer insuring you will enjoy your Ludwig Keystone kit today and tomorrow. 

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