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Ludwig Vistalite
Component Drums

  Vistalite Component Drums 

vistalite standard colors

Do you like of a Ludwig Vistalite kit but want to customize your color scheme ?  Want to create your own solid color or custom Jelly Bean drum kit with Vistalite components?  We're here to help.  Contact us to and we would be happy to help you configure your kit.  Components available in Blue, Clear, Yellow and Amber.  Mix and match to create you own look. Components come with the classic Ludwig olive badge.
Bass drums come standard with Mini Classic lugs, classic lugs are an option.
No Mount 16x22" LB962VXX
w/ Ludwig Mount 16x22" LB962VLX
No Mount 14x24" LB944VXX
w/ Ludwig Mount 14x24" LB944VLX

Vibra-Bands with Ludwig mounts on Toms are an option.
8x10" LT980VXX
8x12 LT982VXX
9x13" LT993VXX
10x14" LT904VXX


Floor Toms
Floor toms come standard with Mini Classic lugs and Classic legs and brackets.
16x18" LF968VXX
16x16" LF966VXX
14x14" LF944VXX

Snare Drums
5x14" LS901 VXX
6.5x14" LS903VXX


Standard Vistalite Colors
Clear (38), Blue (55), Yellow (56), Amber (47)
Amber Yellow Clear Jelly Bean Kit-   Blue, Yellow, Clear, Amber

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