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Ludwig classic maple zep set drum kit
Ludwig Classic Maple Green Sparkle Zep Set
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 Ludwig Classic Maple Zep Set



The Ludwig Classic Maple Zep set is a Ludwig masterpiece.  When it’s time for a custom maple outfit, look no further than Ludwig, the original American custom drum company.  Imagine the possibilities. Ludwig Classic Maple options are limited only to your imagination.

The Ludwig Classic Maple Zep Set Drum Kit

L8264LM (w/ hardware) L8264LX (shell pack) 14x26 bass drum, 16x18, 16x16 floor toms, 12x14 tom, 6.5x14 Supra-Phonic snare drum

Features: Classic floor tom legs and brackets, Mini-Classic lugs, Elite spurs, 900 Series double-braced stands, Speed King bass pedal

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